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Get Your Head In The Cloud

At work I use my laptop. In a meeting I may prefer my tablet. In the airplane my Nook is more convenient; and my smartphone is always within reach. The only way these devices are truly smart is if they share all the data and switching between them is completely seemles;. that's why I love to live on the "Cloud". My files are stored in Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive. My business card apps keep track of my existing and new contacts, with minimal data entry and maximum access regardless of the available device. With me you never have to wait until I get on my PC to share a file or information. I believe in the "village principle" where sharing of resources means success for all. If you have not experienced the amazing productivity the Cloud can provide, be ready for my new webinar series where I will share my favorite and most productive cloud tools and provide limitless ideas how you can use them.
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