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Managing Projects with Technology

There is no more precious commodity than time. Each day has a finite number of hours and regardless how fast you work, or how effectively you multi-task, at the end of the day there are more tasks left than time to get them done. Personally, I work best by single-tasking and staying focused. However, that proves to be tricky as phones ring, emails pop up and colleagues stop by for a "quick" question or request. Trying to keep all of those "balls" in the air is beyond my juggling skills so I use software to manage my time more efficiently. 
Wrike and Asana are both great project management tools with free versions that give you many features. I have tested both for several months now and run them simultaneously to see if I have a "winner". So far, they both rank equally high and if I go pro I will most likely swing towards Wrike. It has just a tad bit more to offer and from a user-friendliness standpoint it definitely is my favorite.
Whenever I test technology, user-friendliness is one of the most important criteria for me. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind learning but I do mind a steep learning curve before I get the most out of a tool. Also, most of the times, I want to share these tools with others to increase collaboration and efficiency but that's exactly where a difficult software can get in the way. People don't want to wait until they "get" it. 
At work, I share an administrative assistant with a team of colleagues and we have to be mindful not to overload our greatest assets or get in each other's way with deadlines. Using a project management tool, such as Asana, was a step in the right direction to ensure no important task is left unassigned or two people work on the same task. 
There are many other technology tools to manage projects. Feel free to share your favorite tool. 
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